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Oniroblaste 11


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The Limbo Theory track brings out the fever ! A clear kick and a siren, with a coming acid waves that treathen like a tsunami rush over your ears... Dark is a night cruiser, solid 160 kicker with shouting acids volutes... The flip opens with Monster Acid, a non-violent Techno swampy dark acid tunes, offering a little synth melody and a threatening little acid bass. The Aluvions of the last track is a shaking acid hardcore track from The Deathmaker, kicker shaker full of surprises.


  • A1 Limbo Theory - Timballmastaz
  • A2 Dark Time - TKC, JGM 23
  • B1 Monstre Acide - Asher, JAMSH
  • B2 Avulsion Of Their Heads - The Deathmaker

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