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Acid Pirate 10

Violent Cases 21

Violent Cases 21 Violent Cases 21



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A trippy machine for some, a warmchine for others... I.N.D. Melodies melt down in a perfect way with the 1NC1N ones. Both are very into thins kind of classical background... With I.N.D maybe we have a bit more of beat experimentations, kind of a light kicker, maybe less technoid, what 1NC1N totally capture for a better dancefloor effect. Superb tune motivating and clearly.. again... thanks for the visual !



A1 - 1NC1N - Metamorphosis

A2 - I.N.D. - Inner Transition

B1 - 1NC1N, I.N.D - Wringing Metal

B2 - I.N.D. And 1NC1N - Great Life s Endeavour

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