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Acid Pirate 10


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Tekno Section 01


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LTD and numbered edition. record comes with stickers From techno tribe to powerfull tribe sound. A wicked compilation various artists with a large Funky Propension... Tikal, Oqp and Spiral Tribe Collabs !


A1 - 4Q - Ganstar Budist, 1 Pourcent Cru

A2 - Nkod OQp - Tekno project

B1 - Crystal Distortion - Khartoum Raver

B2 - Jeff 23, Gavitron - 3rd Track From The Sun

B1 - XTech - Hard Tension

B2 - Nyse - Death Whisper

C1 - Nkod OQp - Hardkore Teknik

D2 - Back2Kick - Sonar

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