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Acid Pirate 10

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Crystal distortion

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Format : 2X 12"

Sebastian, Simon and Ixy joined their forces to create a new studio based on the original mobile spiral studio... From this studio will come many tunes in the future.Here is the first complete batch. You with easily recognize each style : Sebastian and his Dub spirit of the grooves, Crystal and his vacuum breakbeat attack and Ixy with her Cat-funk Groove... Enjoy ! The bags were dragged from field to stage, the gear representing the modern age, a handful of snippets were committed to tape, and the speakers and punters all stood agape. Performers were gobsmacked as ravers alike, the hi viz clad piggies said 'go on, on yer bike', so off we all went to jam this again, and here's the results..


A1 - 69DB- Do it together - 10min26

B1 - Ixindamix - Fizzy boom - 4min20

B2 - 69db - Grow it yourself - 7min02

C1 - Crystal Distortion - Hoverboarded - 8min51

D1 - Crystal Distortion - Byterider - 5min42

D2 - Ixindamix - Highways and holidays - 5min48

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