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Asile Audio 01

Asile Audio 01 Asile Audio 01



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Experimental Dancefloor music, unformated and still ... exploring sweet and sour... First tune, called Oppression is a Revered techno kick Doom tune. Secodn track is a sweet shy volumed kick at 220 BPM still...And third A side track, Lobotomie Croissante is an obsessional Industrial broke npsychedelic track, a bit in the Olschool little 7'' witch i cant remember the name of^^ B side opens on Mutation, a 170 BPM speed techno/trie dark tune very new wavy ambiance... Special and precise ! Then comes an ambient dark indus tune called Ondes Robotiques. Terminal is a break electronica hard tune, in a AFX Ant-zenized style. Terminal is the name... good anme to close this EP. A record in a rare style nawadays , offering a real variety of unformated sounds, not so hard but still hard enough to be dancefloor ! MASTERPIECE !!


  • Oppression
  • Diaphragme Mortuaire
  • Lobotomie Croissante
  • Mutation
  • Ondes Robotiques
  • Terminal

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