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Infamous Tekno

ZAD 02


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First track, from Shmirlap is a pure 155 BPM, post- Hackeney acid Hard Core restarter.... excellent ! Asher & Jamsh bring the second track... 152 BPM that really gives envy to be played at plus 8^^ Acid fog. B Side opens with Axellbud and Molecule Prod... a real good 144 BPM Hard Tehcno solid dancefloor tune with low volumes acid casualties in the back... Shaman finished the job with his Son Of LSD... 180 BPM of Mentalcore acid tribe... MASSIVE !


A1. Shmirlap - Nihiliste

A2. Asher & Jamsh - Stressing Waves

B1. Axellbud & Molecule Prod - Mangeur d'Etoiles

B2. Shaman - Sons Of LSD

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