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Raggatek Power 08

UAT Kut 10


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Acid bordello keeps on scooting the legnds as well as the newskool unknown artists... with crzay collabs and bizarre choices... to keep music excitation alive:) That Low Entropy And MF Machinist tune, for instence is a pure melt of too mutch VS never enough... superb tune for a dancefloor as well as for a listener... Chaos goes on with a total hazardeous with printed sleeve or without printed sleeve (serygraphied actually)... No difference and no discrimination, just the big lottery of what you will get in your package. And just consider this is a total gamble thing (ahaha gamble 303 special casse-dédi) : hasardeous for real. One chance on 2 ^^


A1. DJ Gylend - Industrial Wage Theft

A2. The Untitled - Acidmath Spacedrums

B1. DI Division - Gestern

B2. MF Machinist & Low Entropy - Collabacid 1

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