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Acid Pirate 10

Rouge De Colere 12


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The Demonic Waves familly is invited on Rouge De Colere for a first Vinyl production ! A superb sound quality here with brilliant tunes from very undeground future overground artists... the new Hardcore generation, daring the melt between industrial, doom , hard technoid and acid. We are here with 4 very structured tunes, probably not easy to mix on vinyl but really deserving some headheackes to reach the perfection. Big one ! A bit downtempo for a change on this quiet speedcore label :) I recogn !


A1 - C-Phalea - Duality

A2 - Braintune - The Circle Of Rage And Grief

B1 - Murmuur - Demonic Soul

B2 - Bdacid - I Am The Dark

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