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Opening on a solid 162 BPM acid Kicker... Serious hard beat this ep is, actually an Anniversary one... All tunes are collabs between Asher & other musicans !!! 40 YO is the label manager !! Yipa... Jo I.N.D & Atheir feeling is total intact, and dark acid pumpin as needed, with aquiet hardcore end. Asher & The Mastery the invites you for the enxt one... A basic normal Hardfloor 176 BPM Acid Track:) Hardtek powaaaaa ! Bangbass & Asher finishes the job with an acid 163 BPM corer. Bad !!


A1 - Asher & Naya - Dangerous Trail

A2 - Asher & Ind - Possession

B1 - Asher & The Mastery - Not Impossible

B2 - Asher & Bangbass - Against

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