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Superb release from Color Your Brain. Opening with booster from Arshur... Nice discovery. Crashing acid waves suported by a constant nervous bass... Electric acid ambiance... Second tune, from 01 REC is a deep mental progression, 150 BPM... Space travel into Ambiances. B side is enteriely Frixion fanatik, from the Nederlands... 2 Blasting tracks, first one is that kind of Mentalcore typical 180 BPM sound while the second one is more 165 trippy and very Live style, fully bleeping and shuffling... Dancefloor cruiser is this EP !


A1 - Arzhur - Sors De Sous Terre

A2 - 01 REC - Demence

B1 - Frixion Fanatic - Evil And Good

B2 - Frixion fanatik - Insomny Bells


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