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Acid Night 20

Acid Night 20 Acid Night 20


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The last tune of this EP is the reason why i wanted to press these tunes from HFK...

Then i saw he did a cover version of the Jones and Stephenson famous rebirth....

As Mr Gazmask did one on Acid Night i decided to press these tunes on Acid Night and not on Rouge De Colère... just for the eye-blink...

And then HFK introduced my to his second projects (of many) called « Molecule SCAM »... And this long a-side tune, 180 BPM killer was the thing... reminding me very strong another famous tune Prime Assault it was called...

Well, this project is a bit special compared to the othe Acid Night... Not an easy record to sell probably... But what a bomb...

LOVE THIS MUIC ! So, fuck the sales and go for it:)

A - Psychoparano
B1 - The Second Rebirth
B2 - Polyacidcoretekpafnoisefuckbreaktruk

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