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Viper Records 011

Viper Records 011 Viper Records 011



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Futurebound steps up the pressure on his latest Viper Recordings release with a massive G Dub remix of one of the label's biggest hits to date, J Majik & Wickaman's 'Fleshwound', and what an absolute stomper it is too, this is one track that will have the dance moshing like a party of epileptic Goths in a computer games testing lab. Backing it up come BBK's brightest new signing, the Brookes Brothers with a percussive led beauty of a track which combines all of their trademarks to excellent effect, think warming bass, tight beats and effortless musicality, lovely.



A. Fleshwound - J Majik / Wickaman

B. Crackdown - J Majik / Wickaman


This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 16 April, 2009.

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