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Acid Pirate 08

Du meme label


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Sequence 04


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Hailing from Dutty Dover, this lot bring a 12" of massive proportions. 'Lomongo Doltroy' is a gruling twisting metallic lead that is held up by tough solid breaks, and eiry atmosphere accompanied by a deep scuzzy bassline. Suspect tempts the darkside in with 'Limb By Limb'. A deep and sinister roller, with squlechy sub bass that reacts to a murky sci-fi atmosphere. Switchdubs rounds up the 12" with 'Who Are Those Guys'. A snarling reece that sits on a halfstep rhythm, switching to a stomping 4x4 beat and then back to the halfstep.




A. Lomongo Doltroy - Stenchman

B1. Limb By Limb - Suspect

B2. Who Are Those Guys - Swicthdubs


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