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Liquid V 12

Liquid V 12 Liquid V 12



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Mosus, no stranger to the game has teamed up with producer HZL to compose 'Fluro' & 'Nexus 7' two stompin minimal grooves inspired by the sound of 90's techstep and the classic Ridley scott film Blade Runner. 'Fluro' kicks off with spacey atmospheres, bleepy bleeps and steppin drums that slowly grow to beastly proportions of snarling bass and dangerous rhythm. This tune takes me back to the early days when trends were ignored and it was purely about how deep one can take a track. On the flipside 'Nexus 7' is no less of a beast. Punching drum work kicks off this track chased by insincere pads that pretense an ever progressing bassline. When you make it to the 1st break an automated voice comes over the loudspeakers giving a series of unidentifiable number sequences that lead straight into dangerous, dangerous territory. If you're into unchartted minimal vibes, this 12" is a must have. Do you dream of unicorns... DJ Support: Goldie, Bryan G, JJ-Frost, Doc Scott, Storm, Instra:Mental, D Bridge, Zero T, Mosus, Icicle, S.P.Y, Vapour, Artificial Intelligence, DJ Die, Logistics. Radio Support: Bailey (1Xtra) Crissy Cris (1Xtra), Ray Keith (Kiss 100), Gerard (Kiss 100)





A. Fluro - Mosus And HLZ

B. Nexus 7 - Mosus And HLZ


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