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Acid Pirate 03 VINYL

Jarring Effects 98 LP

Jarring Effects 98 LP Jarring Effects 98 LP



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Dub, hip hop, dubstep, .... The new high Tone proove once gain that High tone is a bloody good band, gambling with music, not copying, not creating...




A1. Spank - Hight Yone

A2. Dirty Urban Beat - Hight Tone

A3. Dub What - Hight Tone

B1. Liqor - Hight Tone

B2. Rub A Dub anthem - Hight Tone

C1. 7th Assault - Hight Tone

C2. Propal - Hight Tone

C3. Ollie Bible - Hight Tone

D1. Space Rodeo - Hight Tone

D2. Bastard - Hight Tone

D3. Home Way - Hight Tone

E1. Uncontrolable Flesh - Hight Tone

E2. Fly To The Moon - Hight Tone

F1. Boogie Dub Production - Hight Tone

F2. Altered States - Hight Tone


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