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Hit N Run Music 01


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The Hit 'n Run familly first project. 4 tunes = 4 styles. First you'll get a surprising tune, starting 140 BPM Dubstep overtortured acid... dropping into 175 BPM hardtek thorugh a game of ¾ times... Then Jacob Inhuman brings a Hardcore solid tune with some crossbreed accent. Massive. B side opens with one Stefan ZMK typicall bombing track, full of metal acid sounds... The Ep finished with Liz and a PCP soundslike tune, olschool and quiet downtempo doom hardcore, full of melodies and olschool acid ambiances. The Hit 'n Run Soundsystem brings some surprises and a massive efficient dancefloor feeling !


A1. Cursed Legion - Convert

A2. Jakob Inhuman - Poisoned Power

B1. Stefan ZMK - Scrambled

B2. Li-Z - Underwater Island

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