45 Seven 22


Label : 45Seven

Artists : Beam Up - Bukkha
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A - Double Trouble
B - One Shot
One of soundsystem culture's most fascinating elements is sound clash for sure. Comrades join a convention, presenting freshest treasures in friendly competition. Imagine this single as a peaceful battle between two heavy weight produbbers of the bass music scene. One like long-term 45seven hero Beam Up meets Bukkha on the other side debuting on this junglist's sunday paper of an imprint, shining in all his honour of his latest signings on System, Moonshine and Lion Charge. Them meet up to deliver two vibrating bombs of dubwise halftime Jungle bassiness: Double Trouble brings all the gold standards to the table, like amen breaks, mighty sub bass, melodica, skanks, vocal snippets and a well wicked organ in the very center. Better take off your hoodies as this dance will get burnt like lava. Lion better get done fi BBQ! One Shot comes in less flooded and a 'lil cooler. But don't get taken by its ease, the riddim is heavy and will boil up any massive. Horns dubbed with smooth pressure, spiced by melodica blops, a massive strolling bassline and subtle percussions keeping listeners in suspension. Eyes up!
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