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After the ‘Music Components’ album, Arnaud Rebotini (Blackstrobe) deliver the first Ep from the new project ‘Music Components Rev 2’  A collection of remixes by Martini Bros, Donova or Steve Moore. You can find here some remixes by Chloe, Jesper Dahlbäck, Blackstrobe & Xaver Naudascher. Check !  




A1. Decade Of Aggression (Jesper Dehlba) - Arnaud Rebotini

A2. Cmp (Chloe Remix) - Arnaud Rebotini

B1. Conakry Filter Sweep (Blackstrobe Remix) - Arnaud Rebotini

B2. Home Of Innocence ( Xaver Naudashe Remix) - Arnaud Rebotini


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