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Sonik Boom 13
Sonik Boom 13

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Vote for which artist will be on the next vinyl Sonik Boom 13! For this it is very simple just choose from a selection of tracks below.

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Friday 06 September, 2019


Mark the corresponding compartments has your favorite Tracks, then click the button "Vote" to validate your Vote

Track 1  Neika X Creeds - I Believe.mp3 Listen
Track 2  Mat Weasel Busters - Deadpulp.mp3 Listen
Track 3  Darktek vs Binary Squad - Ninja.mp3 Listen
Track 4  Binary Squad Vs Roland Kule - Luigis Adventure.mp3 Listen
Track 5  Binary Squad - Pulsar.mp3 Listen
Track 6  Aksys - Shogun.mp3 Listen
Track 7  AtomStaub - Panic.mp3 Listen
Track 8  Neika-Mommy.mp3 Listen
Track 9  Tromatyk -Combat Mortel.mp3 Listen
Track 10  Yowii Vs Mdtek-Dhalsim.mp3 Listen
Track 11  Zone-33 Vs Aksys - Planet Of Doom.mp3 Listen

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