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Playaz 004 2EP

Playaz 004 2EP Playaz 004 2EP



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It's the biggest EP of the year, the EP so sought after it crashed the Playaz website within an hour of being put up, an EP so massive huge that you can't fit it into a normal sized record bag, an EP so ridiculously heavy it takes you and three mates to lift it, an EP of such epic proportions it needs its own set of overblown statements just to describe it accurately. So step back, get £12 out of your wallet and pick up the awesome dancefloor destroying power of the Machette Bass EP right now sunshine!




A. Machete - Dj Hazard

B. Trouble Maker - Dj Hazard

C. Killer don't Die - Dj Hazard

D. Cowards Beware - Dj Hazard


Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le Mardi 28 Avril 2009.

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